Hot Springs

The  benefits of hot springs have been know for centuries. Due to the temperature of the water and the amount of minerals which the water contains, produces a relaxing and healing sensations in the body. Read More


Turkish Baths

It uses a closed room which fills out of steam and ancient medicine plants

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Red mud pool

The virtues of the red volcanic thermal mud allow it to function as a peeling, decrease the fat, improve notably the acne skins; Reaffirms muscles, affirms and rejuvenates the skin Read more


Blue mud pool

The BLUE VOLCANIC THERMAL LODGE was discovered in 2011 during an excavation of the facilities expansion. It was sent to Costa Rica for analysis and approval in topical use. It contributes to skin rejuvenation by keeping it moisturized and smooth… Read more


Underground contrast pools

A magical place like few in the world, in the very bowels of the volcano. Our contrasting thermal springs offer the benefits of hot springs in a vaporized environment, with candles, essences and music, an exclusive and unique place. Read more


Steam Box

The steam box is one of the variations of the turkish baths; being in a more closed environment, in a wooden cabin, gives greater warmth and potentializes its benefits.. Read more


Japanese pool

Japan is undoubtedly one of the most hot springs in the world. The bath and especially the thermal one is inside its millenarian culture one of the most deeply rooted ceremonies Read more