Other services & facilities

Massage caves

Constructed in the bowels of the limestone mountain of volcanic origin, the massage caves concentrate the forces of the earth, since they are connected directly with the thermal source, which vaporizes them and climatizes with its thermal vapor, greatly enhancing the benefits of our Relaxing and therapeutic massages. An atmosphere perhaps unique in the world, accompanied by music, aromas and delicate lighting, which provides a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Masks and body treatments

Facial & Body Masks are made with Red or Blue Volcanic Thermal Mud, medicinal plants, natural products and thermal water. The components are chosen according to your skin type and specific needs. They are applied by specialized cosmiatrists, in the unique environment of our volcanic caves.

Cosmic gate

A whole marble plate more than 5 meters wide and nestled in the ground has an opening in the middle and forms part of the walks.

Traverse it and leave the negative energies behind.


A set of walking paths allow you to admire the landscape of Baños in a natural environment.